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​​​​​​​- The simple, but “slightly addictive” Q and A game that sees you - the user - taking charge of a city beset by revolutionary forces in 1848.

- The horrifying dark side of famous car manufacturer Henry Ford.

- What history can teach us about the disastrous, but amusing Fyre Festival of 2017.

(Spoiler: it’s all happened before - perhaps on an even more epic scale and the star of the show - who referred to himself as the long lost king of the middle Americas - was even more ridiculous and blatant than he was in 2017.)

- The “peaceful” motives of the British involvement in any number of European skirmishes from 1815 onwards.

- How Napoleon’s maths expertise might have made him Emperor.

- Why - for Dan - cracking jokes about the Scots is fair game.

- What the Freemasons were hiding in their secret lodges and why it terrified so many regimes.
(Hint: this is nothing to do with ruling the world - although if you were a king, you too would want to know its power!)

- Football’s ferociously combative past and the game’s abandoned siblings.

- Why the Rugby World Cup 2019 might be painful for its host nation (it’s got nothing to do with sport and everything to do with “barbarians”)

- The “weirdly accurate” quiz that calculates your personality match with the most powerful nineteenth century British Prime Ministers.

And so much more - both gone and still to come! Plus, there’s even a chance you might learn something:

- Why academic history loathes the truth so much

- What schools will never teach you about past controversies

- Who actively distracts people from learning from the past 

- What the heck is “evidence shaming” and how it can be used to improve almost any debate​​​​​​​

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