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Episode 21 - Your Business is Our Business -
​​​​​​​Robert Peel Part II

Uploaded: 28 July 2018

Police Evidence Illustrated

It’s a time when everyone alive remembered the French Revolution. To the British elites, it seemed conceivable that similar uprisings could still take place closer to home.

Our second episode examines three flashpoints in this period.

First, the establishment of the Metropolitan Police. This swept aside the ineffective parish police with a centralised force, loyal only to the Home Secretary. However, neighbourhoods were often far from happy with their streets now being patrolled by agents of the establishment.

Second, the re-introduction of the “emergency” Income Tax. With budget deficits ballooning the budget needed to be brought back under control. Peel bore the brunt of the criticism for invading people’s personal affairs.

The last part is a look at the relationship with Ireland. Across the period, Ireland was an angry, discontented member of the UK family and perpetually susceptible to revolutionary rumour.

If that doesn’t sound exciting then there really is no hope for you. 

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