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Episode 23 - Famine & Fury on Film: The Black '47

Uploaded: 8 Oct 2018

Our hosts discuss the trailer for the new film Black '47 - a revenge-thriller "Potato Western" that sees the hero rampage throughout 1840s Ireland. It's set during the horrific scenes following the notorious Irish famine of 1845.

What you'll hear:

  • The grim context behind the film, including the harsh reality of a bad harvest for an economy almost entirely built on hand-to-mouth farming

  • The problems of the political system - was feudalism re-imposed on Ireland by the British governing class?

  • Should we expect modern politics to be crow-barred into the depiction of the past?

  • What our hosts expect to be in a film that takes such a robust stance on tyrannical rule over peasant farmers

  • What the film makers almost certainly left out of the film - whether because of controversy or otherwise
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