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Episode 4 - Nelson's Shadow, Napoleon's Mirror - The Life and Times of Sidney Smith

Uploaded: 10 Feb 2018

Remembered by Napoleon as the man who made him miss his destiny, sneered at by his fellow officers for being a Swedish knight and disliked by Nelson because…well, he was also hungry for glory Sidney Smith’s exploits caused no end of stories in his own lifetime, but are forgotten now - perfect Footnotes of History fodder.

Even Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey would have had trouble keeping up with Smith, but we’ll do our best as we guide you through daring raids on French ports, an escape from prison and a showdown with Napoleon in the Holy Land. 

Join us as we discuss one man’s remarkable career that took him from skirmishes off the coast of America to a forgotten war between Sweden and Russia before culminating on the fields of Waterloo.

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